Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mini-challenge: solutions by Alessandro Pocaterra

Previously, we had posted some design proposals which had proved elusive to us for years (!); we never expected a solution for them, and definitely not quite so soon. Guess what, Alessandro Pocaterra from Italy proved us wrong. We were amazed, really, with his designs (NastyBasty's solution too, which we had highlighted in one of our recent posts), of how simple thin lines, fuss-free managed to be so effective. Here they are:
'Stephen.King's-Dark.Tower' - 'Eddie.Oy.Jake-Susannah.Roland' by Alessandro Pocaterra
'Jack.the.Ripper'-'Serial.Killer' by Alessandro Pocaterra
Recently, while sorting through our piles of papers (we are teachers, not hoarders, mind), we came across some old drafts of unfinished designs chucked away. So here goes, another list of elusive designs:
1. ambigram of armageddon-apocalypse
2. reflection of liverpool-red.devil
3. ambigram of black(&)white-myth(&)legend
4. reflection of Jack.Daniel
5. ambigram of Douglas.Hofstadter-Godel,Escher,Bach
If you're up for the challenge, do email us at:
Your work will certainly be compiled and shared with our visitors. Thank you in advance!
salam (peace),

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