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nagfa ambigram challenge (NAC) December 2008

Hi and salam to all!
At last, the compilation for NAC December 2008. Our Guest Challenger was Alessandro Pocaterra from Italy and the theme was Leonardo Da Vinci.
Before we showcase the submitted entries, we present Alessandro's own solution (below). It is a reflection ambigram reading 'Da Vinci', which at the same time, depicts a stylised rendition of the the famous 'The Last Supper'. Jesus in the centre with two of his apostles to his left and right.
Da Vinci by Alessandro Pocaterra
Now,we present the Top 3 entries, as chosen by the Guest Challenger:
#NO. 1:
Da Vinci by Homero
#NO. 2:
Leonardo Da Vinci by Daniel Dostal
#NO. 3:
Leonardo by NastyBasty
And the rest of the entries, in no particular order:
Leonardo by Krzystof Sliwa
Virgin of the rocks by Adi
Rinascimento (Renaissance) by Homero
Mona Lisa by Rico Frans
Leonardo Da Vinci by Robert Maitland
The Universal Man by Diego Colombo
Leonardo Da Vinci by Dave Williams
Da Vinci by Daniel Dostal
vitruvian man by daan juttmann

Da Vinci rotating into Painter by Blake Walker
Leonardo Da Vinci by Daan Juttmann
monalisa-gioconda by txescu
We would like to extend our heart-felt thank you to Guest Challenger Alessandro Pocaterra for his time and patience. And of course to all contributors who had made this NAC another successful one.
Though this would be the last official NAC, do visit us again for more information on other similar Ambigram contests / challenges being held in the internet realm.
We take our humble leave from NAC. Thank you all.
Salam and take care,
nagfa: Naguib & Fadilah (& baby Nayla)

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Blogger homero said...

Thanks to Alejandro for choosing my ambigram! It's a honor to me, especially if this is the last NAC.

It's kind of sad that this game has to stop, but I understand well Nagfa's reasons... maybe three years ago some of us could dedicate much more time to this kind of things, but it's getting harder. Anyway, I'm really thankful to Nagfa for organizing this contests, they were a gerat experience. If someone starts a new one, please let me know.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Diego said...

Dear Nagfa,
I'm sad for this lasto Official NAC.For alls ambigrams'lovers, it was a pleasant appointment. Is it possible for me, to submit you my works and enclouse them in you website? Don't worry, not frequent.
Salam and Peace for you and you family
Diego Colombo from Italy

5:32 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

Thank you, Homero. I understand it is a bitter sweet victory. Your 'White Rabbit' NAC will be cherished.

Hi, Diego.
Though it'll always be better and fulfilling (and we still encourage it) to have your oww blog / webpage, yes, you may.

We will post your works, if you email them to us.

Thank you, Diego.


9:10 PM  
Blogger KW said...

all of these are awesomely cool. i really like the one by Krzystof Sliwa

1:23 PM  

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